Passionately equipping the next generation for success both in sports and life.

The vision for Next Level is to build a sports company that not only develops athletes, individuals, and teams in terms of their skill level and athletic prowess, but focuses on the development of the entire person.


Next Level is relative to your personal skill and talent level.  Whether a beginner just starting to play the game, a middle school student with the goal of making his or her team, a high school player striving to start and average double figures, or the extremely dedication athlete who’s goal to earn a collegiate scholarship and even professionally someday…..Next Level is for you!

Next Level elevates individuals as leaders, competitors, teammates, and athletes with positive attitudes.  We focus on developing a strong sense of accountability, responsibility, work ethic and discipline within our athletes, while making them stronger in terms of their mental toughness, ability to handle adversity, and overcoming obstacles. Next Level use the world of basketball training and sports competition to teach critical life skills such as loyalty, commitment, respect for teammates and coaches, self-sacrifice, accepting challenges and meeting them head on, making good decisions both on and off the court, and strong communication skills.  Next Level promotes integrity both on and off the court. Every day, every moment presents us with choices, that will eventually determine our future.  It is our goal to equip our student athletes with the skill set and integrity to make the right choices that will lead to positive results, both on the court and in their lives.

A primary goal of Next Level is to build up self-esteem in our student athletes, pushing them to take risks and stretch outside of their comfort zone without worrying about failing or making mistakes.  We believe an athlete can’t get to the next level if they are never challenged beyond what they can already do.  Pride and a sense of accomplishment are the results of stretching an athlete beyond their comfort zone, ultimately increasing their strength, character, and confidence.

Once players go through the Next Level program, they are part of our family and we are committed to their development and success.  Our staff makes every effort to attend games of our athletes to support them.  Next Level is more than training, it is relationship building.  Relationship building not only between coaches and players but also between players and players.  Next Level’s clinics offer athletes the unique opportunity to train with students from other schools, pushing their skills to the Next Level, while building positive friendships.

Next Level creates a positive and fun environment for the athletes to train and learn.   Our staff is a big part of our success. We hire coaches and trainers who possess the character and values that expose students to positive leadership and guidance, both in athletics and life.

Next Level core values not only apply to individuals, but run deeply through our team building programs as well. Whether rebuilding or a perennial power, Next Level aims to develop more cohesive teams while focusing on the same values of accountability, character, respect, integrity, and loyalty.  Next Level strives for excellence both on and off the court, and equips your team with the skills necessary to reach new heights.