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Next Level Leadership Academy

Our leadership training program consists of small group work in a classroom setting. Coaches should utilize this program for the education, growth and development of their captains, team leaders, upperclassmen, and/or future team leaders.

Leadership Academy Topics:

*  What is leadership
*  How to get people to follow
*  Risks and rewards of leadership
*  Responsibilities of leadership
*  Team culture
*  Accountability

*  Communication
*  Motivation
*  Values / character
*  Team standards
*  Positive relationships with coaches
*  Loyalty
*  Trust
The Next Level leadership training program consists of small group work with team captains or team
leaders in a classroom setting.  Coaches and teams should utilize this program for the education, growth, and development of their current team leaders or captains, upperclassmen, or future team leaders.  Topics covered in the leadership training include but are not limited to : what is leadership, risks and rewards of leadership, responsibilities of leadership, team culture, accountability, communication, motivation, values/character, team standards, positive relationships with coaching staff, managing and minimizing conflict, loyalty, and trust.  We offer an initial session of three hours for leadership training.  Ideally, this session should take place during the offseason, preseason, or as a minimum before your competitive schedule begins. While we don’t require it, we strongly recommend 1-2 follow up sessions with your leaders at intervals during your team’s season.  These follow up sessions will allow us to track the development and growth of the leaders, help them with any potential problems and challenges they are experiencing, access the team culture, and reinforce and build upon the foundation and concepts learned in the main session.  The follow up sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length.


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