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1-on-1 Basketball Skills Training

One on one skills sessions are private lessons that provide focused and individualized instruction and training to players, based on their specific skill set and ability level. Each individual workout is designed, developed, and instructed by Coach Fedorjaka. Each training session includes drills dedicated to improving each of the players’ weaknesses, while strengthening their existing abilities in order to meet their individual goals and help them reach their full potential. Through consistent progression of skill training and proper review and repetition, players are able to elevate their game to the next level. Committed to educating basketball players of all ages and skill levels, the goal of our private training is to equip players with the proper coaching in the fundamentals and instill a sense of self-confidence through encouragement and support. Everyone’s goals are different so taking your game to the next level is not the same for each individual player. Whether a player’s goal is to make the team, be a varsity starter, or to earn a college scholarship, private training sessions are designed to meet that player’s specific goals and needs.

"Coach Fed is a great person to work with. She brings an energy to everything she does that us unmatched. She is always aware of what's going on and is consistently prepared for the task at hand."

− Logan Torrey, Meadowbrook

"The workouts with Coach Fed are incredible! They are high intensity and it definitely has made me a much better player. The level of these workouts are top notch. "

− David Hutchinson, Columbia County Christian

"I have grown to be such a strong player overall through my 1 on 1 workouts with Coach Fed. Her workouts are so intense and very focused on what you need to work on individually to become the best player you can be. The drills she had me work on always transferred into game situations. Coach Fed's belief in me gave me greater confidence in myself and helped me reach new heights."

− Mariah Monahan, Susquehanna University '14 1st Team All-Conference

"Training with Coach Fed gets you to the next level in your game. She makes you do the little things and pushes you to take your game to where you never thought it could be."

− Tyler Baughman, Meadowbrook Christian, Standard Journal First Team All Area

"Coach Fed has been an all around great influence for my daughter. We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to train and develop under such as great mentor, especially at such a young age. She is learning college level techniques as a sixth grader."

− Christine Murphy, Harrisburg Area


Small Group Basketball Training

Small group training sessions are similar to the 1-on-1 sessions in terms of attention and focus on the individual player and their specific development and needs; however, we are able to introduce multiple player drills and concepts as well as competitive situations that we can’t simulate in an individual session. Small group training sessions can include any combination of positions. Multiple player workouts allow us to set up advanced offensive and defensive playing scenarios. Athletes can choose to do a combination of private 1 on 1 training sessions and small group workouts. We customize and tailor all training sessions to the developmental stage of the players and their needs. Next Level’s core values of hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude are all emphasized in the small group training sessions, but in addition we focus on teamwork, communication, and competitive edge.


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"Kathy Fedorjaka is unsurpassed when it comes to player development and team concepts. I've observed her transform average players into offensive threats and defensive stoppers and a group of talented individuals into a cohesive unit flowing up and down the court; this all done in one session! On the other hand, she has taken somebody who is already at the head of their class and teaches them the detailed nuances of the game to help them further separate them from their peers. Some of the players she works out are on the right path toward being amazing. She simply knows how to give each player exactly what he/she needs to take their game to the next level. We’re lucky to have her in the Central Pennsylvania area."

− John Jones

Coaches Consulting & Clinics

Next Level offers basketball consulting services for coaches, coaching staffs, or teams. Our consulting services include on court skills training for your team, x and o work either on the court or in the classroom, and breakdowns of various aspects of the game including but not limited to man to man defense, pressing and trapping defenses, doubling down, offensive transition, out of bounds plays, quick hitters, late game situations, and special situations.  In addition, we offer consulting services on practice planning, practice drills, film breakdown, scouting opponents, and positional development.  Consulting services are offered at any time during the year. We strategize with you and your coaching staff on your goals and needs for your program, and then tailor a program designed specifically for your team. Contact us to find out more about pricing. Coaches clinics are offered periodically throughout the year and are open to coaches of all age groups and levels.  We conduct these coaches clinics at various facilities to accommodate as many coaches as possible.  Our coaches clinics feature guest speakers from various men’s and women’s collegiate and high school programs, both coaches and former players.  Each clinic will present a variety of topics on both offensive and defensive play.  We are targeting the first Next Level coaches clinic for the Fall of 2014 so stay tuned to the website for information regarding that clinic including date, location, speakers, agenda and pricing. 

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