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Next Level Team Building

The Next Level team building program is designed for teams or groups that desire to become a more cohesive and higher functioning unit.  Next Level tailor’s each program unique to your team’s goals, specific challenges, and needs.  We set out to achieve real learning objectives and goals for the group, rather than just a day of fun activities.  Our team building ice breakers, activities and challenges will focus on such topics as developing a positive team culture,  individual and team goal setting, being a good teammate, handling and overcoming adversity, practicing a team before self mentality, individual and collective responsibility and accountability, improving problem solving skills, minimizing and managing conflict, effective communication, defining and appreciating roles, and loyalty.  The objective of our team building program is to equip teams with the strategies necessary to develop strong team chemistry and get every member of the team and coaching staff on the same page and moving in the same direction.  Our goal is to lay the groundwork for each individual’s full commitment to the team and for positive relationships to build throughout the season.


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